Angelica took her first formal dance steps in ballet jazz at the age of 7 and explored theater and acting during her adolescence. She discovered Middle Eastern dance in 2005 and has since become fully dedicated to learning, expressing and sharing its artistry. Her love for this dance goes beyond the movement vocabulary, as it is also deeply rooted in the music, the art, the people, and the culture. She began her training with Monika Vazirani and Samia Hassouni, and has continued to work on her technique through workshops and private lessons with master instructors Raqia Hassan, Yasmina Ramzy, Aziza, Diana Tarkhan, Randa Kamel, and Aida Nour to name a few. She also cross-trains with various ethnic and academic dance forms and through the practice of Hatha Yoga. Angelica's focused spirit and dedicated research over the last 9 years have gained her much respect in her community, allowing her to be a full-time working professional dancer and instructor. She has performed thousands of shows in restaurants and private contracts all over Montreal (Canada) and its surrounding areas and has begun to teach workshops internationally. In 2012 she performed a 90-show contract in the United Arab Emirates with the folkloric company Sanaa Danse directed by Samantha Burnstein, with whom she also performed on stage for Algerian superstar singer Cheb Khaled in 2013. Angelica won first place at the "Queen of the Nile" competition in 2012 judged by master Egyptian judges Aida Nour, Lubna Emam, and Khaled Mahmoud. In 2011 she helped bring home 6 gold medals and 2 silver at the "Belly Dancer of the World" competition in Germany with the Oriental Ballet of Canada directed by Amalia. In addition to being a dancer, Angelica is a sponsor for dance events and workshops. She holds a degree in Arts & Culture and Interior Design.

  • "Queen of the Nile," Montreal 2012 - 1st place
  • "Bellydancer of the World," Germany 2011 - 3rd runner up
  • "Bellydancer of the World," Group Categories, Germany 2011
    6 gold & 2 silver medals (with the Oriental Ballet of Canada)
  • "AQDO Festival," Group Categories, Montreal 2011
    1 gold & 1 silver medal (with the Oriental Ballet of Canada)