Angelica is currently available for private and semi-private lessons. She teaches belly dance and also a variety of folkloric Middle Eastern dance styles. For more information and inquiries about classes and workshops, please see the events page and/or contact Angelica.


“Whether in a group class or a private lesson, Angelica always knows how to make her students feel comfortable. Going above and beyond technique which she masters remarkably, she transmits her love of dance and her interest to explore and enjoy all of the cultural and artistic aspects that encompass Oriental Dance, as well as a large range of folkloric styles. Using a variety of techniques (including improvisation), Angelica focuses on the interpretation of dance and has helped me to develop my own style as well as my confidence. Her enthusiasm is contagious and encourages me to go beyond my comfort zones.”
Alexandra, Canada

“When I took my first class with Angelica I immediately loved her teaching style. Angelica managed to give each of us attention in her group class. She is a teacher that is really attentive to the desires and expectations of her students. I am from France and every year that I'm in Montreal for a vacation I take private lessons with her!”
Aurelie, France

“Angelica is a great teacher. She’s both passionate about her art and compassionate with her students. Her technique is excellent; her teaching style is down to earth and easy to understand. She is a pleasure to dance with. Whether you’re a beginner or have a lot of experience in belly dance you’ll be able to find a place in one of her classes where you can be challenged to meet new goals in a positive environment.”
Caroline, Canada